Located in Dehradun, this is the place where His Holiness Shri Pir Kan Nath Ji stayed during his lifetime and attained Nirvana. logo

Shri Pir Kan Nath Ji practiced Hath Yoga and strict meditation while living life of celibacy. His Samadhi at Dargah Shri Pir Kan Nath Ji, Dehradun is a place of pilgrimage for his followers who come from across India and Pakistan to seek his blessings.

Dargah offers basic facilities of stay and food at no cost to worshipers who visit there and observes the principle of equality for all people and religions.

Every year special arrangements are made at Dargah on the occasion of Shivratari and Guru Punaya to celebrate the festival along with hundreds of followers who visit Dargah to be a part of this, pray and seek blessings.


Post Samadhi of Shri Pir Kan Nath Ji, Dargah is being taken care of by Guru Maharaaj Shri Nomi Nath Ji who was adopted by Shri Pir Kan Nath Ji as his disciple and heir to enlighten the path and take forward his teachings and principles.



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